Sraiyanti Haricharan

Originally from Chennai, Sraiyanti started her career after a Master’s course in Cinematography in 2015. Starting with a short documentary called Angangba Lei directed by Sandhya Daisy Sundaram, which went on to be screened at International Festival Signes De Nuit in France, Indian Film Festival Prague and Alpavirama South East Asian Fest at FTII Pune, in the past 3 years, she has had the opportunity to start her career by working on projects of different genres. After working a year at an ad agency in Bangalore called Limitless where she shot G-Shock’s first digital film in India, and other digital ads for brands like Converse and Pigeon, she started as an independent cinematographer on Venkat Prabhu’s first short film, ‘Masha Allah Ganesha’.

Since then she has worked with Bharat Bala Productions, where she also had some experience with direction, Al Jazeera for a portion of a documentary ‘India’s Forbidden Love’, a feature length documentary on Jainism and various ad work for Tulsi Silks, 2D Entertainment, Tharangini Studio, Kabadiwala Connect to name a few. Her latest project was a pilot shoot in Lucknow for Women Without Borders.

She is also keen on Editing, Writing and Directing.