The Indian Women Cinematographers’ Collective is a forum by and for craftswomen/ technicians of the film industry, based in India. We intend to make a difference in the industry through our growing numbers, and we believe this is possible only when we stand together.

The Collective is also designed for contemporaries to showcase their diverse body of work. We extend our solidarity to not just our fellow craftswomen, but also to the non-cis male technicians and workers in the film industry.

The world of cinematography and its allied fields, such as gaffing, grips, and assistant cinematography, is growing wider to accommodate talent. We hope to inspire girls and those breaking out of the gender binary to consider roles behind the camera as viable professions.

We invite more from the industry and the ones just graduating from film and media schools to connect with us and be a part of the Collective.

As a group, our vision is to bring under the spotlight the calibre of our work above all else.