Solanki Chakraborty

Solanki graduated in Cinematography from the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute of India (SRFTII), and her diploma film “Barre” travelled to film festivals such as Film School Fest, Munich; Imagine India Film Festival and International Film Festival of India (IFFI) garnering much appreciation.

She has worked as a Cinematographer for International clients such as CNA(Channel News Asia), Vice News, BBC, Arte’ and renowned film directors like Girish Kasaravalli, Miriam Chandy, Ram Chandra P.N., Surabhi Sharma, Rahul Dholakia, Heena D’souza. Her cinematography projects in fiction and non-fiction have been selected for several International Film Festivals such as MAMI, MIFF, IFFI, KIFF, IDSFFK and many more.

Solanki has worked with various crews on national and international projects over the last decade. She works with absolute commitment guided by her passion and creative eye. An upcoming documentary for Arte Channel, “Moo The Epic Horn”, took her and her team to the Rajasthan desert and high altitude mountain passes in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, working at heights of almost 18,000 feet and facing extreme weather conditions, a project she successfully completed with sheer grit, resilience and a team approach.

Solanki is a passionate, creative professional with a keen and precise eye for cinematography. “The Quarantined Ms. Meow” is her first directorial experimental stop-motion animation film, which has been selected for several international festivals and for which she received a Cinematography Nomination in the GreyJo Online Short Film Festival. She was also a participant in the Interaction Doc Workshop, Serbia, 2022.

Having a background in journalism – research and storytelling is always a part of her life and she has completed her Monograph thesis project on Cinematographer/ Director Ajoy Kar, commissioned by NFAI. She is also in the process of in-depth research, directing and shooting her own documentary on her protagonist, cinematographer-collector Purnendu Bose’s collection of Indian History.

She worked as an associate cinematographer with senior cinematographers Ranjan Palit, Sunny Joseph and Satya Rai Nagpaul before starting her independent career.

Originally from Kolkata, Solanki spends her free time travelling, reading, cooking and composting.