Shreya Dev Dube

Each film has different styles and unique approach which Shreya enjoys developing with the director and production designer before she gets on the floor. 
She loves being able to capture an emotion of a scene at its best while playing with light and movement. 

Films in India;
1. Cat Sticks, a feature film directed by Ronny sen
2. Tear, a film by Jennifer Dutta. 
3. Neend, short film by Subhajit Dasgupta
2. Naked soul, music video for Madboy, aka Imaad shah
3. Music video for F16
4. Shot a documentary for Pablo Bartholomew in Myanmar.
5. A short film on mud wrestling directed by Richard Wyndham.
6. A commercial for Listerine. 

London/ Europe-
1. Expiration date – A SyFy TV production, directed by Richard Wyndham. 
2. Kasagod Boys – Documentary for a UK based director Vivek Vadoliya 
3. Shot several films for Hotel Cinematic, Spain/ France.
4. Additional cinematography for a HBO production called Chasing the sun.
5. A short film for Seeds of peace
6. A PSA for rape awareness. JARR.

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