Apoorva Shaligram

In my teenage,I picked up the camera and started to let the pictures be my expression. A major change came when an opportunity with UNICEF took me travelling across 11 states in India, for months at end, shooting everything I came across and then editing it into short videos. I liked travelling and it made me happy. But after that experience, I developed a hunger to seek more. I decided to join a film school to learn more about Cinematography. I faced a major setback when I realised that physics and mathematical calculations were the core elements of cinematography. It took me sometime to learn them but I went through it all. By the time my Film-school was done, I had interned & worked for the likes of MTV India, etc. I was doing what I loved. 6 years and 2 features later, I am trying to make the most of this opportunity and I am far from done.