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Change is inevitable! … SICA

World is always evolving with the change in life,society,nature,climate and technology. Movie making also had lots of changes right from shift from film to digital which was a major change. Some old customs existed has been discontinued and abolished with time for welfare of human society one such thing was SATI where women has...

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Indian Express : ‘Behind the Scene’

Behind the Scene Women cinematographers talk about navigating a male-dominated industry and the impetus for forming a collective When director Raja Krishna Menon wanted to rope in Priya Seth as the cinematographer of Airlift (2016), one of the producers questioned whether Seth would be able to handle the pressure. For Menon, Seth was an obvious...

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Hindustan Times : ‘Cinematographer launches group to assist upcoming professionals in the field’

Cinematographer launches group to assist upcoming professionals in the field Cinematographer Deepti Gupta recently formed a group ‘Indian Women Cinematographers’ Collective’ (IWCC) to provide a platform to budding women cinematographers. Cinematography (photography and camera work in filmmaking) is still a rare career choice in UP, more so among women. But there’s one woman in...

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