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World is always evolving with the change in life,society,nature,climate and technology.

Movie making also had lots of changes right from shift from film to digital which was a major change.

Some old customs existed has been discontinued and abolished with time for welfare of human society one such thing was SATI where women has to sacrifice her life on death of her husband.

Earlier in Indian films even female characters were played by male actors when women acting in films was considered taboo, but over time female actors came into films dominated the film world with their acting skills and glamour.

Film making is not only providing entertainment but also being socially responsible.

Recently in a shooting at Hyderabad a woman cinematographer was denied entry into the outdoor unit van.

Here in India, there is a practice of not allowing women into the outdoor van for a reason which cannot be acknowledged and acceptable.

Today all around the world many women film directors and cinematographers are into this art of filmmaking who are making major impact and successful.

In 2015 senior cinematographer Fowzia Fathima formed the Indian Women Cinematographers Collective (IWCC). The idea behind the initiative is to support women cinematographers, particularly new and upcoming ones. As well as to change the perception around the male-dominated profession.

SICA will not support or acknowledge that deprives the moral right of any individual based on gender inequality, caste and religion.

SICA will put all efforts so that the practice of not allowing women into the outdoor unit van will be put to an end.


Author/ Cinematographer.

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